Facilities Manager

Heartland Equine Therapeutic Riding Academy (HETRA)
Job Description
Facilities Manager
Position Summary:  This position is responsible for all facility and property maintenance needs to ensure a safe working and living environment for the HETRA horses, HETRA staff, volunteers, participants, and guests. Top priorities include: daily cleaning and bedding of 25-30 stalls, morning feeding of the herd (1-2x/week), maintaining the indoor arena, and ensuring the facility is safe, clean and ready for our participants on a daily basis. This position also identifies and completes building, fence, property and equipment maintenance, and service needs for the entire facility including management of contractors and vendors working at the facility. This position will include daily supervision of volunteers that assist with the facility maintenance activities.
Principal Responsibilities:
  • Cleaning and bedding of 25-30 stalls daily (including sweeping of hallways and putting away all equipment) – typically 1-2 volunteers assist with this activity on a daily basis however there are times when it is completed by the facilities manager independently
  • Cleaning of outside turnout pens on a weekly basis
  • Watering and working of the indoor arena on 3 times per week basis and working of the outdoor pens and parking lot on a regular basis.
  • General maintenance and repair of buildings, equipment, machinery and facility (ie – fixing of broken automatic water pipes, fence repair, replacing hooks or saddle racks, etc.)
  • Management of contractors and vendors
  • Oversee facility maintenance list, prioritize, and assign as appropriate
  • Oversee property and land care to include mowing, weed control, snow removal, fence and parking lot maintenance and repair, including hay fields
  • Oversight of weekly barn maintenance list for Barn Leaders and ensures that these weekly maintenance activities are being completed.
  • In coordination with the Administrative Manager assists with making sure the facility is operating within PATH Intl standards and guidelines.
  • Assists with contacting outside contractors to complete maintenance or repairs needed for the facility or to obtain proposals for such projects.  Requests approval from Finance Manager for any project prior to start or purchase of equipment or hiring of contractor.
  • Ensures that all farm/barn equipment is properly monitored, maintained, and cleaned
  • Completes weekly survey of property identifying potential concerns; formulating plans and following through on budget (including regularly monitoring fences, pastures and shelters)
  • Communicates with all HETRA staff regarding facility needs/changes and maintains active list
  • Maintains list of maintenance activities to complete including reaching out to barn volunteers or employees to assist with these activities   
  • Participates in staff meetings on a two/month basis – including updating team on current facility status, needs and barn maintenance priorities. 
  • Participates in 2 fundraising events/activities per year as well as Mandatory participation in Blue Jeans and Dreams event. 
  • Other duties as assigned.
Knowledge/Skill Requirements:
  • Excellent communication skills – written and oral
  • Ability to see the big picture and develop a plan including prioritizing the needs to maintain the highest level of safety and accessibility of the facility for horses, participants, families. Staff, volunteers and guests. 
  • Must be organized and detail oriented but also have the ability to be highly flexible and adapt to an ever-changing environment
  • Ability to work with a variety of individuals including individuals with disabilities
  • Ability to motivate volunteers and encourage team work and positive environment
  • Computer skills to manage electronic communication with various HETRA staff and volunteers and record keeping documents
  • Leadership skills and team work skills as working with all levels of staff and volunteers
  • Problem solving and creative solution skills to manage program challenges which may arise and come up with creative solutions.
  • Ability to multitask
  • Ability to establish a list of priorities which are in line with organizational priorities
  • Ability to operate skid steer, tractor, mini truck and drive a truck and trailer including ability to back up and maneuver in tight spaces.  
  • Ability to complete general maintenance and repair activities - ie - automatic waterer repair, fence repair
  • Ability to operate power and hand tools
  • Must be a self-starter and highly organized with the ability to identify activities which are a priority.
Principal Equine Requirements/Responsibilities:
  • Thorough understanding of an equine/ag environment a minimum of one year volunteering or working within an equine facility environment.
  • Strong horse handling skills with ability to move horses continually from space to space efficiently and with confidence a minimum of one year volunteering or working with horses on a regular basis with ability to handle horses of all sizes and temperaments. 
  • Ability to identify equine injury or illness including but not limited to ability to take a temperature and respiration rate on a horse, ability to identify signs of colic and begin initial treatment, ability to identify signs of illness and begin initial treatment, ability to do basic Equine and Human First Aid
  • Sweeping and dusting
  • Other duties as assigned in conjunction with needs of Horse Manager
Other Requirements:
  • Ability to lift 70+ pounds
  • Ability to stand and walk on a frequent basis for up to 8 hours
  • Ability to bend, squat, climb, grasp, reach on a frequent basis
  • Ability to operate Farm equipment including mini truck and tractor, truck and trailer including ability to maneuver in small places and back up.
Knowledge/Skill Requirements
  • Two plus years’ experience in general supervisory or organizing capacity.
  • Highly organized and very detail oriented. 
  • Excellent communication skills -- written and oral. 
  • Excellent people management and training skills as well as ability to work with individuals at various skill levels.
  • Computer skills in Microsoft Office, database management; email and smart phone
Preferred Knowledge/Skills
  • Two plus years’ experience in general supervisory organizing capacity.
  • Postsecondary education or degree.
  • Technical Skills: Salesforce, Social Media platforms
  • Public speaking and networking skills
  • Human First Aid and CPR certification
Weekly Hours
  • Full time salaried position with primary work hours of Monday through Friday7:00am to 4:00pm.
  • On call weekend and evening hours for special events and emergency situations
Benefits/Additional Information

  • 50% of individual health insurance paid if part of the HETRA plan
  • Retirement plan with 2% matching
  • Flexibility in schedule and ability to work from home on occasion
  • Family friendly work environment that highly values work/life balance
  • 6 paid Holidays per year
  • 80 hours of PTO time after six months of employment
  • This position reports directly to the Executive Director
Contact Information